Liia Founder & Group Director

Dehardt van der Merwe

About Dehardt van der Merwe

With over two decades of experience spanning multiple sectors, Dehardt van der Merwe is a formidable Knowledge Management Strategist and a seasoned executive. He has championed businesses to leverage their intellectual capital, unlocking unparalleled growth and potential.

Dehardt's educational background, which includes an MBA with a distinction from Auckland University of Technology underscores his commitment to continuous learning.

Throughout his career, he's worn numerous hats—leading business transformation, orchestrating innovative marketing strategies and partnership alignments, advocating for regenerative food practices, and providing oversight from board rooms.

In addition, he has dedicated effort towards community well-being, most notably through the establishment of the Phoenix Community Hall Charitable Trust and spearheading a self-defence initiative, ThatWorks, to support trauma-affected women.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Dehardt is passionate about martial arts, where he holds multiple black belt rankings, and adventure sports, where he frequently embarks on thrilling escapades with his nephews.

In essence, Dehardt strives to embody a harmonious blend of business acumen, community service, and personal passion, always driving forward with an eye on innovation, growth, and excellence.

Dehardt van der Merwe