Senior Change Management Consultant

Holly Franklin

Holly brings a rich tapestry of experience, encompassing external relations, sales, operations, strategy, and business growth. A fervent advocate for the tech industry, she has consistently demonstrated a knack for navigating the complexities of stakeholder engagement and strategic planning. At the heart of her expertise lies a distinct focus on commercialising intellectual property (IP), a pivotal step in propelling industry growth.

Having held notable positions in Tātaki Auckland Unlimited, she has been instrumental in fostering increased commercialisation of IP, cementing the growth of the tech industry in Tāmaki Makaurau. As an External Relations Advisor, Holly bridged critical gaps between Auckland Unlimited's activities and its myriad of external partners, including local and central government entities, business associations, and private-sector affiliates. Her tenacity for improving project synergies has been a hallmark of her stint, aiming for initiatives that have a narrower focus but an amplified impact.

In her tenure with Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development (ATEED), Holly showcased her multifaceted talents. Not only did she step into vital roles such as Company Secretary, Business Services Manager, and Risk Manager, but she also orchestrated a stellar change management programme, ushering in an agile workplace transformation. Her penchant for innovative strategic tools came to the fore, and her leadership in lean process implementation and management reporting paved the way for substantial operational efficiencies.

Beyond the corridors of the professional realm, Holly finds joy in her young family and cherishes her moments of community engagement. With a career that's a testament to her adaptability and strategic foresight, Holly stands as a beacon of transformative change management in complex organisational terrains.

Holly Franklin
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Holly Franklin

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