Senior Strategy and Data Consultant

Jacob Harrington

A seasoned strategist with deep analytical acumen, Jacob has consistently demonstrated the ability to transform data-driven insights into tangible strategies across a range of New Zealand sectors. His unwavering commitment to continual learning positions him as a thought leader in strategic thinking and innovative problem-solving.

In his previous tenure with Tourism New Zealand as a Senior Insights Analyst, he harnessed diverse data sets, generating actionable insights that significantly influenced TNZ's marketing campaigns. Notably, his innovative approach paved the way for the development of transformative reporting tools, enhancing the decision-making capabilities of TNZ's senior leadership.

Before joining TNZ, he served as a Business Analyst where he spearheaded initiatives to refine business processes. A notable achievement during this time was the automation of the trade reporting system. Furthermore, in his role with the New Zealand Customs Service, Jacob was instrumental in driving continuous improvement projects, delivering key findings to the executive team.

In addition to his corporate accomplishments, Jacob, a former Private Tutor, exhibited expertise in Economics, Finance, Statistics, and Mathematics, reflecting his adaptability and wide-ranging skills.

Equipped with proficiency in data analysis, R programming, and Microsoft Power BI, Jacob marries technical know-how with strategic insights. He brings to the Liia team unparalleled analytical depth and an enthusiastic commitment to growth.

Jacob Harrington
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Jacob Harrington

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