Senior Management Consultant

Ras Manikkam

He spent a significant period working in New Zealand at Fonterra and overseas in Dubai (UAE), Cairo (Egypt), and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) in senior corporate positions.

His previous roles include Regional Managing Director in Malaysia at FGVIFFCO Sdn Bhd; CEO of IFFCO Egypt; Finance Director of Fonterra Brands (Dubai); General Manager at Australasian Foods Export Ltd (New Zealand) and General Manager at NZ Milk (Pacific) in Auckland.

He is an experienced and successful senior business manager with a robust background in developing, reorganising, and managing mid to large-sized corporate businesses. Much of his expertise lies in the strategic management of operations, finance, and marketing of national companies with a significant international focus.

A central aspect of his senior management work has involved change management—analysing and restructuring operations & commercial systems and procedures to enhance efficiency, liquidity, and profitability. Combined with long-term strategic planning, this has influenced various areas, from operations management and financial accounting to sales and marketing functions.

Ras Manikkam
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Ras Manikkam

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