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Rouxelle De Villiers

At the forefront of business innovation, Dr. Rouxelle de Villiers melds over 25 years of top-tier executive experience with an illustrious academic tenure. Recognised as a pioneering voice in the world of creativity and business dynamics, her unmatched expertise finds its roots in her collaboration with industry-leading creativity consultants.

Her recently published masterpiece, "The Handbook of Creativity & Innovation in Business," stands as a testament to her commitment to bridging the gap between profound academic insights and real-world business challenges. This work, curated for Springer, offers a rich tapestry of current perspectives on creative intelligence, bolstered by actionable tools and frameworks to empower modern business leaders.

Beyond the pages, her impact reverberates through her hands-on approach. She propels professionals up a trajectory of fresh ideas, unparalleled intelligence, and deep insights.

At Liia, Dr. de Villiers channels her prowess to carve out transformative client strategies, championing a synergy between creativity and business acumen, tailored for the ever-evolving global marketplace.

In essence, she's not just a strategist; she's a visionary, steering Liia's clients towards a future teeming with possibilities and success.

Rouxelle De Villiers
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Rouxelle De Villiers

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